give yourself the gift of time...
Wouldn't you like for someone else to run your errands:
pick up your dry cleaning, prescriptions, groceries, etc?  
How about having them delivered to your office, or to your
home and have them put away into an organized pantry?  
These are just some of the services you can delegate to
your very own Personal Assistant.

We all have too much to do and not enough time. Let us
take care of the day to day tasks that use up your valuable
DFW Personal Assistant
Latest News!!
Here is the long
awaited launch of our
new look!  We hope
you like our updated
design and site.   We
still have the same
great services and
personal attention you
have come to expect
in the last 5 years.  If
you ever need help
and don't know what to
do, call us first.  
We can help.
  • Gas + Wear & Tear on your car = $$
  • Save your time for the more important
    things in your life.
  • Think of all the personal time, effort and
    energy that you exhaust doing things
    that someone else can do for you.
give yourself the gift of time...