give yourself the gift of time...
Corporate Administrative

Do you need temporary assistance in your business?  Don't want the hassle or expense of
hiring an employee or dealing with a temp service?  We can provide administrative support
to your office on a one time or ongoing basis.

Executives:  Let us run your errands and organize your office.  We can take care of all the
extra items on your To Do List.

Employee Assistance

You can also offer our services to your employees!  Offer periodic service days (once a month
or once a quarter).  
We can run their errands or check some things off their To Do list while
they work.  They can actually enjoy their lunch break instead of trying to take care of personal
tasks.  Employee satisfaction and production will increase greatly if they don't have to worry
about getting their personal things done during the work day.

This is a perfect way to keep your staff happy.  They will LOVE this perk!
DFW Personal Assistant